Investigative/reported features

The Outline –– Two brothers two deaths (6/28/2017)

The Outline –– Why Republicans want to protect drivers who run over protesters (8/14/2017)

VICE – Can You Win In Trump Country With A Bernie Sanders Platform? (9/7/2017)

The Nation How Much Damage Has North Carolina’ Bathroom Bill Done In 1 Year? (3/23/2017)

The NationOver 80,000 People Joined The Biggest-Ever Moral March in North Carolina (2/13/2017)

INDY Week Can N.C. Farmers Treat Their Guestworkers With Impunity? (6/22/2016)

INDY Week — Four Shots on Bragg Street: Southeast Raleigh Grapples With the Death of Akiel Denkins (3/9/2016)

INDY Week — Wake County’s Mass Transit System Is a Mess. Can a $2.3 Billion Referendum Save It? (10/5/2016)

VICE — Scenes from the Last Days of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign in South Carolina (2/27/2016)

VICE — How Bernie Sanders Shaped the Northeast Punk Scene (5/15/2015)


The Outline –– Much ado about antifa (8/31/2017)

The Outline –– Liberal lawmakers are buying into the war on cops (10/27/2017)

The Nation Blue State Secession Is Dumb and Cruel (3/13/2017)

INDY WeekOrganize or Die: The Left Needs Its Own Tea Party (11/16/2016)

Jacobin — The Myth of the Progressive Capitalist (4/13/2016)

SalonWhy underestimating Donald Trump would be a fatal mistake (3/11/2016)

The Week — Why are Senate Democrats rolling over for Trump? (12/16/2016)

INDY Week — It’s Time for North Carolina Democrats to Fight Fire with Fire (12/28/2017)

INDY WeekThe HB 2 Compromise Is a Bad Idea (12/20/2016)


INDY WeekDid House Majority Leader Mike Hager Leak the HB 2 ‘Fix’ To Doom It? (6/29/2016)

INDY WeekThe Senate Might Not Override McCrory’s Coal Ash Veto After All (6/8/2016)

The New Republic The Supreme Court Gave Democrats a Fighting Chance to Win Back the House (6/29/2015)

VICE What the Hell Is Happening to the Republican Party? (10/9/2016)

INDY Week Everything You Need to Know About North Carolina’s New Gerrymander (2/18/2016)

Arts, culture, and sports features

Deadspin — The Improbable Story of Baseball’s Wildest Comeback (8/5/2015)

INDY Week The Carolina Railhawks have been plagued by mismanagement, but their new owner Is optimistic about the future (4/6/2016)

INDY Week A Day Out in Durham With Nana’s Adrian Lindsay (3/23/2016)

Noisey – An Uplifting Conversation with Spraynard in America’s Most Depressing Place, an Applebee’s Bar (6/3/2015)

Noisey – Ride the Wild Haze: Why Beach Slang Is the Artist of the Year (11/26/2015)

Noisey The Possibilities are Endless: An Oral History of the Jazz June (3/14/2014)

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