Today is the final day of the Democratic National Convention, where Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination for president. On the first day of the convention, news stories were dominated by protests, booing, and general dissension of the Sanders campaign; by now, most of those reports are gone, even though some are still protesting and […]

Just hours after President Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took the stage in North Carolina’s business capital of Charlotte, Donald Trump stepped out onto the stage at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in its literal capital of Raleigh, to a loud roar from a capacity crowd of over two-thousand people. “Wow, look […]

I hadn’t seen this Freddie de Boer post when he first wrote it, but it popped up in my feed yesterday. There’s an especially salient part in it where he talks about why liberal pundits and DC media types are so confident that the country is on the right track. It’s hard to get liberals to […]

Last week, I wrote an article for The New Republic on Bernie Sanders’s campaign and its “blind spot” on race. Some readers have offered fair criticisms of the article and how I framed my argument, so I figured I should attempt to clarify and further elaborate on that argument. First, though, I should address some flaws.  Taking the […]

I’m a freelancer who has written for VICE, The New Republic, Deadspin, Noisey, Impose Magazine, The Runout, and others. I was briefly an editor in 2014 for The Good Men Project’s political coverage. CLIPS “Bernie Sanders is Not the Left’s Ron Paul”, The New Republic, July 2015 “The Supreme Court Gave Democrats a Fighting Chance To […]


In a column on Friday, New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait asked the question, “Why can’t Republicans admit Dylann Roof was racist?” Chait explains that the responses of the Wall Street Journal, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and presidential candidate Jeb Bush are all “senseless”, because they hold no political value: In 2000, George W. Bush gave a speech […]

The DCCC just let Dan Donovan, the man who let Eric Garner’s killer walk, take a seat in Congress without a fight.  Last Tuesday, Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, a Republican, faced City Councilman Vincent Gentile to fill the Congressional seat held by former Rep. Michael Grimm, a tax-evader and walking episode of Roadhouse.. […]